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Welcome to Seidle! 

That's Sigh-dull to all of you out there that don't know Americanized German names (you're not alone). I've decided to finally take all the images I've had sitting on my hard drive and attach some words to them. I hope you enjoy it.

Hmm, almost a year since my last update. Sorry! I've been building things...

I made it out to Tulsa, OK for the high school reunion from hell. One of my good buddies James Conner got married and another buddy Akbar Siddiqui had his engagement party earlier the same day. It was a great weekend.

Pictures from James and Mindy Conner's wedding!

Pictures from around Tulsa including Philbrook Museum and Peace of Mind Bookstore.

Long awaited crew picture update. Checkout the Final Spring races San Diego-04 and Sacramento-04.

Tubular Building - An experiment in design.

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Past Updates:


The fall crew season has come to an end! I finally have found enough time between tests and papers to update my site with pictures from the past four regattas... (in reverse order)

Fresh off the bus from the Frost Bite Regatta in Wichita, KS. Home of (no, really) the Wichita State Shockers!

Head of the Iowa - Iowa City, Iowa. Iowa. Yea. Iowa! Atleast it wasn't sleeting sideways during our race this year...

Head of the Charles - Boston, Mass. Another mind blowing trip. This time with a little too much bar fun, but still good memories for years to come.

Head of Des Moines - Des Moines, Iowa - The first race of the fall. It has historically been a very good one, very competitive. This year was no different with some very fast times and good competition against Minnesota.

More stuff! - It's been forever and a day since I've managed a site update. Why? Because of crazy Mondays.

We've got Rocky Mountain National Park Camping from back in April of '03. I just found these pics hiding on my hard drive.

My two friends from highschool - Scotty and Tonya - finally tied the knot this past weekend. A $110 tux and a $120 speeding ticket later - checkout what a shotgun wedding looks like in OKC.

I took a long weekend vacation out to San Fran to visit my good friend Kat. It was an excellent escape from work. Lot's of pictures.

Me and the crew kids went for a hike. We climbed two 14ers the day before school and crew started. What were we thinking?

Yellowstone! Again, more pictures that I have successfully failed to post! Pictures from last May when Kat and I visited Yellowstone National Park.


Pride Fest 2003 - Denver, Colorado. A GLBT celebration. Wow - that was the coolest festival I've seen in awhile. Why is it that straight people can't throw parties like this? Page not suitable for the narrow minded.

The great white hike up to Fern Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park. Take a look at some cool pictures and find out what not to cook while camping. A satirical look at Seidle camping.

So I finally got the Erg Sprint pictures up. Take a look at what it's like to sprint 2000 meters on an Erg.


So someone forgot to pay the internet provider their drug money - and I lost my site for a few weeks. is back up.

I haven't updated the site since late last year - my business Spark Fun Electronics sort of took off like a bat out of hell and has kept me a bit busy. Needless to say, the extra curricular activities (website, crew, school, etc) took a back seat.

But now it is summer time! Just wait:

I've decided to build a shipping sensor system. But I need massive amounts of storage - time for Smart Media

The first PIC Smart Media Controller (to my knowledge) - checkout the exclusive!

Oh yea, I went to NY and the Outer-Banks over New Years.

My final crew event - Erg Sprints. The day I nearly hallucinated without external medications.

Camping in Rocky Mountain with my girlfriend Kat and her brother Talmage.

I got the chance to work on a magnetic pipe crawler! Check it out.

When I didn't figure out how to pay my site bill in time, everything got deleted. No big deal - I have an offline copy. But the guestbook did get shot. Please leave new notes.



So I finally did it! Who knew CGI would be so evil? Five days of research to discover that "e:\domains\" is really "e:\\domains\\\\"... Enjoy the new Guestbook feature. And get ready for more fun things to follow...

Too many funny pictures and no place to put them. There may be too many inside jokes on this page, but you should get a laugh or two in.

As always, new Crew Pictures! Checkout Frostbite - '02.

Random stuff from my shoebox of a hard drive. Some fun shots.

The exploding whale - posted by popular demand. The quality is horrible, but what do you expect from a 1970 news feed that was digitized 7 years ago? Besides, it's hilarious.

The wine page got an update - checkout some pictures of real wine grapes and exploding carboys!

More pictures of my nephew Aiden and the family - who knew they made Tuxedos that small?

My sister and the wonderful world of Rugby!


Yet more picture from Iowa - I tried to take a bunch of the Novi this time.

The Halloween Party - Who ordered the pregnant nun?

Back when I had hair - Before and after Halloween.

A blizzard in October? What's this nonsense about global warming.

To Download: A funny movie a received over a year ago (516k).

Check out my brother Ben's site - Lots of fun pictures of my nephew Aidan.


Pictures from the Head of the Charles - Another fine race by Colorado Crew

The prototype goes PCB - images of a very rough PCB


The Ducati fell down and went boom. Be fore warned: do not back into motorcycles unless you want your insurance premiums to increase.

Colorado Crew returns from Iowa with the gold. Ahh yea!

Birthday's, dog sitting, general house hooplah.

More PIC circuits: The making of a Back Light driver.

'This Old Desk': Just when you think furniture is free, you have to spend $40 in supplies to clean it up.

WineFest 2002: Train whistles and bad colorado wines. Who could ask for more?

Motorcycle RoadRacing Association: Day at the races. If nothing else, it was the most impressive bikes, and the ugliest dog I have ever seen.


My new nephew! Aiden. Watch me try to drop the newiest edition to the Seidle family.

The PIC development is taking off. Once I got rolling on this PIC project, I got in deep.

Good bye Katana, hello Italian design. My new dream bike: '01 Ducati SuperSport 750 - and quicker ways to get yourself killed.

Amazing what idle hands will get you.

Amazing what idle hands will get you.  (snicker)


Flying planes and chasing dogs. What more is there in life?

Party hard with the 2002 Boulder Graduates.

The confluence hike! What is confluence you ask? Checkout

Workin at Mike's Motorcycle. Images from the darkside.

Programming Microchip-PICs. Little electronic devices that actually run programs at 20MHz. Some Unicom devices go as high as 75Mhz! My first computer was a 286-12MHz . My second was a 486-50MHz. Who silly is this?!


I finally made it to Kinetics this year. What is kinetics you ask? Ha ha.

There was the Kinetics parade to show off the boats...

Then there was the race!

Pretty bikes...

If you were part of the Rice-Eccels Olympic crew you must email me at!

Not so Frosty


Renée and I go to the ball game! What a Sunday!

Easter at the Seidle house. Drinking and dying - maybe not such a good idea.

Jeff came to visit! Jeff Lewis made a stop in Boulder - had some food (good grilled cheese) and headed off for his interview in Denver. Check out the view from Chautauqua park!

My father and I needed to get out and relax, so we both took the day off and went for a hike south of Boulder on the Mesa trail. Check out the 'Good Friday' hike.


Cats! I've added my sister in-laws cats! Kerouac and Agassi. See Ben and Julie

Took a tour of the Budweiser plant in St. Louis, Missouri. See Scotty, Tonya, and Lots of Beer

Vegas baby! Checkout were I lost my shorts in the slots and drove a dream car!

I've completed my Paralympic employment and am back in Boulder! Go Buffs! You've gotta see all the Olympic pics! My buddies!

I've uploaded ALL my Olympic images in their original size! Checkout the new Printable Images page.

Lots new images added to the Wine Making section - mixing images and Runs #8 and #9 added.

Added somore odd links to the Links page.

I've actually got a water wheel page now. With stuff on it!

I moved the Full Size Images link to the end of the list so the Table of Contents doesn't look as bad.


More pictures have been added to the People - Crew section!!!


So just this is my stuff and you shouldn't need to copy any of it. Decide if any of this information is valuable at your own risk. Copyright this year, all rights are mine. Blah blah blah. Kiss a Virgo. Party on Wayne. Party on Garth.