Extinguish the Fire Within
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Extinguish the Fire Within


The 2002 Salt Lake Winter Olympic Games

I have to admit I had a wonderful time in Utah. The actual job was not so glamorous, but I made some great friends and got some good pics.

SLOC (Salt Lake Organizing Committee) screwed us over repeatedly. If the people that I worked with where not as cool as they were, I am not sure if I would have made it through the two and a half months of work.

Rice-Eccles Stadium - This is where I spent the majority of my days. I was hired by SLOC to work Event Services, basically a snazzy term for 'Stand and this gate and check badges.' Not too tough - we could have been shoveling snow...

Curling - The best curling teams in the world competed in the semi-finals. It was alot of fun just to watch.

Ski Jumping - Let's hurl our selves off of a 120 meter ramp and see how far we can fly! Did our mother's warn us against such things? - Check out Elvis(es)!

Hockey - I here in Utah, at the Olympics, what the hell else am I going to do? Besides, it's women beating the crap out of each other.

People - This is the rag-tag group of specialists that became so close. Vegas here we come!

Full Size Images - If you want to see all my photos, or you would like to get copies to print - this is where it's at! Removed 6/8/02. Email me and I'll get you whatever you want.

The following is a list of the people I worked with - If you manage to find your way onto this page, please email me with your email address and I will add you to the list!

Troy Barton : troybarton99@hotmail.com

Robyn Truman : robynktruman@hotmail.com

Amanda : manda510@aol.com

Liza : lizagalea@hotmail.com

Jeff Lewis : jeffinaustria@yahoo.com

Sergio! : sergiodelamora2@yahoo.com

Eddie : rlovett@utk.edu

Mike :  mwoodcock@hotmail.com

Angela Bridges : Angbridges@hotmail.com

Cami Chopski : chopcami@yahoo.com

Jeff David : bikolano@hotmail.com

Lesley : morningsprite@hotmail.com

Robin Viavant : terran69_1@hotmail.com

Tom Gorman : tgorman@mathworks.com

Jon Cloud! : Jonathan.Cloud@xtp.varian.com

I need everybody else's email!