Erg Sprints-03
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A day of pain and sweat -

Each year the Rocky Mountain Rowing Club hosts Ergometer sprints in south Denver. The Colorado Crew attends and well as some individuals from the club. This year we were fortunate enough that Nebraska attended.

Erg Sprints is a collection of events. The day starts with the crazies rowing for 60 minutes. If you've ever tried to row an 'hour of power' you'd understand just how crazy these individuals are. Not only is it incredible physically painful, it is also mind-numbing.

The big race is the 2000 meter race - 2K's. It is split into different age groups to try to protect the old guys. Although, a few of them beat my time - hard to admit.

The women's Nebraska team - warming up.

These are all pre-race pictures. You can tell because everyone is smiling.

Me and Kat.

Wojcik stretching out.

Coach Najork.

He's actually listening to the Beegee's.

So here is the story of the T-Shirts that Kat (the photographer) could not get enough of. This is Alex, stretching his calf on a door. Alex got a hold of an old picture of our assistant coach. He made a tee-shirt with the crew logo on front and Tom's picture on back. Everyone got one the morning erg sprints and put it on. Tom didn't take long to notice and turn pink. Needless to say, his co-worked who slipped Alex the picture was in for some trouble on Monday.

Getting ready.

Movin so fast, the camera can't even this picture of Casey and Heffe.

Stretching out and trying to prepare my mind for the influx of pain to come.

Because there is the entire Colorado men's team (novice and Varsity), as well as Nebraska entered into the 2K event, it is split up into various heats. I can't remember what heat I was in, but it doesn't really matter. I was at the end, by myself, all alone.

It's go time.

People have different ways of approaching a race.

Unfortunately, my decision was to 'fly and die'. Go fairly hard and try to hold it. As long as possible. For those of you who know, I held a 1:30 split for 1150 meters, at altitude. For those of you who don't - I rowed way too fast for too long, with not enough air.

I died. I crashed at 1150 and could barely keep it under a 1:55 split (slow).

Casey crashed too. But he does this on a regular basis - he's way fast.

And the trashcan agrees.

That's Sasha - she was my mentor - the person who holds the erg still while you are rowing and tells you happy thoughts. I remember her telling me to settle. I didn't listen.

This is what all the Ergs are hooked up to (different race shown). For instance, I was lane 1, so you could watch boat #1 on the screen and see how I was doing compared to others. With a final time of 6:58 I didn't finish last, but I've also done better.

Here is my friend Pete, kicking the ass of two fools from Nebraska.

Yea. But you can't really see.

Holy shit that's freaky! He's actually a really cool guy.

Here are the lighty's (light weights) - doing there thing. From the left - Rudy, Aaron, Max, and Alex.

Rudy is sporting stripes.

Max is sporting the trash can.

Nope, not quite done.

Me and dad. He actually Ergs quite a bit on his own. This was taken about 45 minutes after my race. After the race I 'bonked'. I exhausted myself so hard, so fast, all I could do was sit and breathe for 10 minutes. They picked me up off the Erg and sat me down in the corner. Talking was impossible. 15 minutes past that my vision was still tunnel. It was by far the hardest physical exertion of my life. Erging sucks.

Pete and his dad.

The man (Tom) and the men (Alex and Nate).

Here is Josh and I getting ready for the 500 meter sprint. After you row for 2000 meters and see god, let's get on the erg again and go for some more!

Ohh, that hurts.

500 meters takes exactly as long as the split you hold. So if you hold a 1:30, you have a minute and thirty seconds to ignore every muscle in your body screaming for you to stop. It's actually a very crazy ride.

I think we held high 1:20s. But, then again, I wasn't really on the planet at this point.

Holding the Erg for 'the dude'.

This guy shows up every year. We don't think he has ever sat in a boat, but he's in the top three finishers every year - past three years.

Me and Pete - sporting Tom.

So the final race of the day is the team races. Here are four Varsity men on the far end, pitted against the (weenie) novice men on the near end.

Don't jump the start Jeff! (Far right)

Ohh. Jeff jumped the start.

Let's try starting again... Then the novii jumped the start. Let's start again...

Go go go.

Varsity men took it in the end by 200 meters.

Tuffer the head coach - recruiting new blood.

Colorado Crew - Varsity Men's Team '03

L-R (Back): Coach Kurt, Christian, Pete, Jason, Josh, Nate, Jeff, Casey, Coach Tom

Aaron, Max, Rudy, Adam, New guy, Alex.