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Frostbite 2002:

Mostly pictures of myself (hey this is my mom behind the camera). But some really good general crew pics towards the end.

The pictures fall around three races - the men's open 4, men's varsity open 8, and at the end of the day, the mixed 8 races.

Time to ready up the four.

The Colorado Openweight 4 - 'Sykes' goes out.

Tha boys.

Just barley holding off Maretta 'C' (Bow number in lower right corner)

Another good shot.

The Colorado Open 4 'A' takes second place!

The Varsity Men suit up to go out for the men's open 8.

Where's Nate? I can't see him!

And Carrie takes us out by fours. (Only four row while four set the boat)

The Varsity Men's 8 coming home.

A picture cannot transmit the amount of pain being felt at this precise moment.

Time for the silly races - the Mixed 8 going out.

Our boat house away from... Well no boat house really.

A picture of my mom's college roommate, Bonnie, with her husband.


Kat coxing Alex, Ruddy, Hanne, and Cher?

It was a really nice day to race. Look at those trees!

The heavy weight mixed 8. I think we won, we just failed to have a valid bow number. Thanks Tom!

Comin in.


Another fantastic shot by my mom.

End of the day.

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