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Nate's Random Pics:

You gotta love concrete forms. Really! When you've got some free time, what's more fun than show horning yourself into an oversized wrapping paper tube and flopping around on the floor?

Who says I always have to take pictures of rowing?

The wonder boys about to hurt themselves.


I think Tom mentioned it and Carrie was the one who jumped into one no prob.

See how her feet can touch the floor? Her lats aren't bleeding from irritation. This was funny.

But this was freakin hilarious.

Ow! As if taking off the shirt was going to make him infinitely smaller. We stood him up and he quickly found out how hard it is to catch yourself from a 5 foot dead fall.

Max simply wanted to roll around in it.

Max is the man.

The is my coxswain picking on the 205lb. Pete.

She won.

The world's craziest slumber party.

What loading a boat looks like. That and a shot of Theo's ass.

The light four takes the gold.

In Carrie's words - 'Bling. Bling.'

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