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Cox Toss-

It's not what you think. Well, it might be.

If your boat gets the gold it proves just how hard the boat has been working. To relieve some of the stress from getting yelled at from your coxswain, you toss them in the water. Since Golds are so highly valued, Coxswain tossing is also a very cherished tradition.

And if it just so happens that your coaches' birthday is that day, or the next day, or really any time within the next month, you can throw him in as well. He won't mind. Really.

And thanks to Mark! He managed to get a 16mb 1minute and 13 second movie of Lee and a bunch of others getting thrown in...

The fine art of Coxin stripping. Lee Kramer - The varsity men's cox that got gold in the open 8's event.

Lee getting tossed by the Varsity men.

Who's got two thumbs and forgot his tetanus shot? This guy!

Sexy mamma-jammer.

Here's 6'4", 210lb Marcus getting what he deserves. We where nice enough to take his cell phone and wallet as well...

Notice the sturdy grip that Marcus has on the guy in black in the upper right corner. That's Matt Webber. He made the mistake of thinking Marcus would let go as they threw him in.

Here's Marcus on his way out.

And there is a very wet duo. Matt got to go for a swim as well.

An unidentified novice cox. The novice men did very well - many golds. Many coxswains in the water. Don't you wish you hadn't worn those sexy white boxers with candy canes imprints? I don't really know what those are.

What you've all been waiting for. The movie!!! I've never seen this many coxswains get tossed at the same time.

Movie - AVI format. 16 meg. Pretty much any player should be able to run it. Let's hope my internet provider doesn't freak out when my bandwidth goes from 100k per day to 3gig when everyone on the team downloads this thing.

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