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Colorado 'B'-

The B boat had some problems as well. Coming down the course they managed to walk through a couple boats. However, the Univ. Of Oklahoma boat managed to impede their race quite a bit...

Here is a GREAT series of photos taken from the second? bridge by Grant.

Two black dots off in the distance - the Colorado B boat first clashed with the Oklahoma boat after they refused to yield.

Again, a few meters later, the coxswain is still not out of the way.

Another shot. According to our rowers, by this time, the Oklahoma rowers are actually telling their own coxswain to get the hell out of the way.

Nope! Silly coxswain. Note the red boat coming along the right - Nebraska is taking advantage of the tangle. The Colorado boat has slowed down considerably - twice.

Time to cross oars. OU had a bow loader - See the Head of the Charles. Bow loaders are NOT meant for Novices. The coxswain cannot easily see what is going on behind them. This coxswain only got the point after she saw an oar pass over her fore head.

Bang up job there Guido. OU needs some work.

Here is the four as they pass under the bridge.

They were so pumped full of adrenalin they caught up to the Nebraska boat that had passed them during the crash. Even with these horrendous clashes, the Colorado B boat managed to finish 2nd. Damn fine job boys!

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