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Photos from a collection of sources.

Here are some pictures that didn't make it into any specific category.

A nice shot of some Fours coming down the river.

Beautiful shot of one of three bridges along the river.

Another nice shot. Lots of ducks. A wonderful river to row on.

The novice men passing out massive amounts of 'bling bling'. It's too bad with two metals around your neck you sound like a cow with a cow bell.

Guess what happens when you let your friend (Nate) download all the pictures off your camera (Mark)?

You get embarrassing photos from your Halloween party the night before the race! Nice Mark, very nice!

Yes, it really was that attrociously cold on Haloween night in Boulder, CO. 27 degrees I think I heard. There was a good quarter inch of ice on everything.

Luckily, Wichita was warmer. Much warmer.

Wide shells available from and Oklahoma City distributor on display at the race course.

Junior women coming down the course in style!


Novi Women!


Click for bigger grainer images to send home to the parents (for dues $).

Here is a pic of an 8 in the varsity men's race. That would be 5 OSU boys and three Colorado Men sitting bow. OSU is a very new program. They barrowed the boat and a few rowers. My boat passed them going into bridge 2. We watched in horror as this boat came within a few feet at full speed T-bone style into the support column. Ahh, novice coxwains.

Ahh, novice Nate. Actually, Varsity Nate.

Hanging out at the CU tent.

The men's varsity coxwain, Lee, and the fellow Kramers.

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