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Nuther Mutt-

The Crew team found Rigger at the 1999 Frostbite regatta. He was an abandoned puppy that Tuffer took in and raised as his own.

Hudson (as he was named after the racing shell manufacturer) was yet another puppy that was found abandoned at the park by the Colorado Crew Juniors team (High Schoolers). If you aren't hearing the theme from The Twilight Zone you should.

Becca (the varsity women's asst. coach) took him in. He's one cute dog. I can't wait till he gets huge and starts eating shoes...

A very cute puppy that needed some food and a lot of water. We even had a Hudson boat strap lying around to use as a leash!

Here is Rigger - the original crew mascot. He is big now and tolerates the new puppy with utter confusion.

Becca and a happy puppy.