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Cox Toss

Frostbite Regatta '03-

It was another fun Frostbite in Wichita, KS. Luckily, it was unseasonably warm in the Midwest for November 3rd, 2003. Sunny and 65 degrees with a short shower at the end of the day.

Here is my attempt at organization of over 200 pictures (and videos!!!) collected from my camera and graciously stolen from Nick, The Germ (Mark). There was alot that was tossed out to get it past the sensors, but there still might be some pictures that are not suitable for tuition paying parents, so Colorado Crew boosters beware (it's not that bad...).

Oh, and many many thanks to Nick and Mark! They took a good portion of these pictures - I am only putting them on the web for them. There is no real way to give credit to the specific photographer - they're all just mixed up together.

The coxswain tossing video can be found here. But checkout the Cox Tossing page for more info.

The newest addition to the crew team - Hudson!

General photos with no good spot

The day Dolph was vanquished

Lots of Fours action

It's not the height - is the number of rotations... Coxswain tossing! And the MOVIE!!!