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Head Shaving
Pre Race
The Race
Fire and Ice
Thank You

Head of the Charles Regatta: 

The largest head race in the world. Go hard or get the hell out of the way. And if you don't, Rudy will bite your head off. Just ask Univ. of Cincinnati.

(Rudy from Mad Max and the Thunder-Dome)

So after taking 118 pictures in Boston, here is the best order I can come up with:

Head Shaving - We should have gotten Carrie

Pre Race - Rigging and Hanging out

Race Time - The Boston Epic

Bar Hopping - Uncensored

A Special Thank You - To the Dows, from all of us

The (slightly hungover?) Crowd

Back: Russel, Pete, Tuffer, Aaron, Jeff, Rudy, Josh

Front: Carrie, Nate, Christine, Carmen, Jen, Kelly, Danielle, Sasha, Alex, Hanne

Too bad Kurt was in the shower. Max and Alex were already at the course.