Fire and Ice
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Fire and Ice and a Few Drinks: 

After a tough day of rowing and battling the elements, it was time to relax and eat some food. Our tradition is to celebrate at Fire and Ice - Mongolian style barbeque.

These are fairly uncensored - parents be warned.

Me and Kat - The photographers

Stern pair with Mr. Gradinger

Good times

Hi Jen

You stud Peter

It was really good food. Can you find Fabian?


Me and the hottest girl alive

Ahh, as the night wears on

Bad flash

Bow boys

Sasha and the village idiot

Village idiot numero dos.

Uh oh. It's bowl racing time at Hong Kong a bar down the street from Fire and Ice.

Katie McKenzie and Alex at HK

Thank goodness this one didn't come out. Alex Bowl, Jim Hill, and Casey

Whoa we are white.

Alex Bowl

Hmm. Tasty

She kicks his ass shortly after

I dunno about this one.

Good times

The night wears on with Fabian, the male escort.

Holly and Alex


Have another!

Attempting to get back to the pickup spot

Telling Kurt what she really thinks of him

Me and Christine

To Infinity and Beyond

Twas a good night

The parts we remember

Thankfully we were on our way home to our nice soft beds.

But there is always the morning after