Head Shaving
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Head Shaving: 

What started out as a bet between Peter and Carrie turned grossly upon me and my fellow hair mates. Peter bet Carrie that if she stayed and coxed through the Head of the Charles he would grow a goatee and shave his head ('Bic' it actually). But some of the other crew members realized this would leave only two other guys with any hair. This made perfect sense to a few to shave everyone.

Pete, the big viking.

Carrie the master head technician

But oddly enough, the girls were afraid to shave it bald.

Jeff stepped in and finished it off very well.

Silly me was standing too close and got sweet talked by Carrie.

Casey looks way too happy

Great, now I look just like Heffe

Max under the knife

That's just mean

There was a lot of hair.

Had to lighten the load after moving boats all day.