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General Boston: 

We arrived from the airport too late to row over on Friday. Carrie, the amazing coxswain, was able to steer one of the most difficult and important races successfully and cleanly without ever getting on the water. A most amazing feat. Thank you Carrie.

So here is a bunch of pictures from Friday's rigging and race launching on Saturday.

Movin boats


A nice shot by Kat - Notice the sun going down. Too late to row over.

Rudy looks jealous

Deep team discussion or Kat taking a picture of Casey with his hands in his pants?

Hi Carrie!

I think I need a shirt on.

Peter and Carrie talking pre-race strategy. (Chicka Chicka Bow wow)

See Head Shaving for more on the lack of hair.

Getting crazy with Rudy's Hair

Egg whites and Christine's Herbal Essence Hair Spray. Mmm.

Nervous energy

Who would take a picture of three guys stripping? Kat would.

Why? I don't really know.

Pre-race huddle

Mass confusion

Going out

The man


Shove off

It looks calm enough...

The weather turned pretty bad. Really windy with cloudy sky. While we were waiting for it to rain in the holding bay before our race, Carrie exclaims 'Holy Shit!'. Not something you want to hear from your coxswain. We look off to our starboard side to see nine guys holding onto the under side of their hull. They had managed to flip their 8 before their race started. Rudy stood up and flagged down an official while we sat and watched them attempt to roll the shell back over - only to have it swamp again. Supposedly you are to have a tetanus shot if you come in full contact with the Charles River. All this before the race began.

On to the Race!