The Race
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The Race: 

Official results:

Colorado Men's Collegiate 8: 12th out of 41

Although there are different accounts of what happened (I can barely remember the race) here is what we pieced together:

About 10 strokes in the start of the race we had to 'weigh enough' - stop rowing! We had already run up onto the stern of the boat in front of us. Silly Albany.

After passing Albany Carrie quickly brought the team behind two other crews. As we were finishing passing Cincinatti and quickly moving into Tufts, Cicinatti came into our stern at high speed and a good 20-30 degree angle. Stern pair had to weigh enough with Alex removing their bow number with his oar and Carrie pushing their bow off our boat. While this was going on in front of me, Rudy was screaming at the top of his lungs 'Comon coxswain! We are passing! You are supposed to yield!' Only after the race did I find out that we had taken the inside line and had pushed our bow up onto Tufts stern and Rudy was attempting to get Tufts to yield.

We later passed Washington College around the Weeks bridge.

Needless to say we had a hard time settling into the race.

The women's race sounds a little more sane. You can find their results here:

8 seconds separated 5th to 12th place.

We started behind four crews who finished in the last 9 crews. Super slow and did not know how to steer.

200,000 Spectators over two days

Those aren't white caps are they?

A good race when we weren't playing vikings and getting rammed into.

Rowing through the Weeks bridge.

Here are the varsity women shortly behind us in the following race.

Go Ladies!

Men's Champ Singles (Scullers)

The men's 8 coming back to the docks.

Coming back to the docks - one of the longest rows

All and all not a bad race. Definitely the most exciting to date. We certainly wish we could have finished better, but that is the luck you get with random bow numbers. Thankfully, next year we have a guaranteed entry into the Men's Collegiate 8 with a better starting position. Until then.

Time to party!