Sorry Carrie
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To Carrie our Beloved Coxswain:

Crew has some crazy traditions. After getting horribly yelled at by their coxswain, if a crew takes 1st place in their race, they must throw their coxswain into the water.

Colorado 'A' coxed by Stengel gets first.

Sorry Carrie, but you had to go.

Damn she put up a fight.


'Hi mom'

You may not be able to tell it from our gaping smiles, but we are in serious concentration. That's me on her left arm, trying to hold on...

Again, damn, she put up a fight.

To the docks!

Camera woman Kat had to get the hell out of the way.

One, two, three..

I think we spun her a full rotation above the water.

Time to get the heck out of Iowa.

We love you Carrie!

 - Alex, Casey, Will, Jeff, Josh, Nate, Aaron, and Rudy