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Sorry Carrie
Varsity Women
General Pics

Head of Des Moines Regatta:

The first head race of 2002 was a Colorado success. And we've got the pictures to prove it.

Check out the race results:


10/07/02: Added pictures from Heffe

Finally - a few pictures of Rigger, the Colorado Crew Mascot.

Pictures of the Varsity Women's 8 - go ladies!

The varsity men's 8 took home the gold. This means it's time for coxswain tossing.

General Pictures from the Race: Men's Light 4, Vans, Gym

I've got the full blown images (4x the size/detail on the web pages). If you'd like to download them, let me know: nathan.seidle@colorado.edu

The money shot taken by Alex Berlin last year.