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General Iowa:

Leaving at Midnight Thursday.

Some time the next morning.

(right to left) Heffe, Rud-dog, Casey, Kat

Sleeping in Drake University's gym before race day.

Funny, we sleep better on trips than we do during the rowing week.

Lotsa down time.

Thanks for the pic Jeff.

Hanging out next to the docks.

Josh, Hanne, Cher, Grant, Christine, Jen, Diane, Big Doug

Look at those sexy rowers. You can thank Jim Hill for the design of the 'super-unis' and Aaron Foxcollis for such a fine display of the rower tan.

The Men's Light 4 waiting to head out.

Rudy and Alex pushin the pair.

What does all that rowing get you?

Rower's grip. Will's hand before his races.