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HOI - 02! 

Head of the Iowa. Back in Iowa. Yippee. We went to Iowa knowing right well that Wisconsin had returned home with the Gold at the head of the Charles in the Champion division. Yea. They put six varsity men's 8's on the water! Yea. Let's go row!

Awesome: Novi, varsity women, parents, and who ever else was on the shore when the varsity men rowed by, we thank you! It was absolutely astonishing to have a mob of Colorado fans screaming their heads off as we rowed by. I have never had such wonderful support! It was truly a great feeling to know the crowed was behind you and have a mini-rejuvenation heading into the sprint of the race.

It was another good trip. We actually had a very good race considering the competition and because we had zero time on the water between Boston and Iowa.

See the results at:


Varsity men finished 5th behind 4 Wisconsin boats.

Congrats to the Varsity men Lightweight 4 - took 3rd.

The huge page of Varsity pictures - don't even think of loading this page without a lot of free time or a decent connection to the internet. ~40 pictures takes some time to load.

The page of Novices - Sorry, I got no names! There are something like 70 of you.