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Head of Iowa Novice Pictures! 

Because there are so many of you - and because I don't have a clue what your names our, you get your own page!

Drop me a line and I will pin names to the faces.

Here we have some novice women rigging.

That's Emily the coxwain.

Novice Men's Four

Novice Men's 4 #2

Novice Women's 8 going out.

They put out four 8's! Jeesh.

The tall guy is Tuffer, the Program Director.

Here is beautiful Carrie, the Varsity men's coxswain, helping out the novice women.

Always a very nervous flip.

That's Cher in the foreground!

Three shots of the women's 8's racing by.

Another women's 8.

Here are the novice men's 8's.

Again, sorry I don't know more names. When I normally see you, it's 5:15 in the morning and no one is sociable. And when it's not 5:15, I see you at something like the Halloween party. No good either.