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HOI - Varsity! 

I took a lot of pictures...

Welcome to Colorado Crew - now sleep on the floor.

Sleeping in the Univ of Iowa gym before race day.

Varsity Men. So fast you can't even get a good picture.

Novi Women. Whoa. There's a lot of you!

It was fairly cold... in the morning.

It got a little colder.

Varsity doing what they do best, nothing. Nothing at all.

Can you see the excitement?

Is that a Carrie in there?

Colorado Crew - We may not have a personal trainer (i.e. K-State), but we've got a cool banner!

Our trophy from the previous Head of Des Moines race - Fastest time of the Day. It looks like it would dispense beer very adequately.

Rude-dog and Berlin getting ready to race the pair. They've got a lot of clothes on...

Money man Rudy.


It doesn't look like it will snow does it?

Off they go.

Varsity women getting ready for the big row.

Go ladies go!

It was sooo cold.

Nothing like waiting before a race.



And away.

And while the women are heading out, Rudy and Berlin are hitting it!

Go buddy, go!

I didn't get a single picture of Alex looking back!

Did I mention it looked like snow? It was so bloody cold.


That's me sitting ejection seat (3rd pair of hands from the right).

It actually started snowing on us as we rowed toward the starting line. Once we started the race I cannot remember what the weather was like - only that I was cold.

The second Varsity men's boat cruising by.