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There was 14 inches of snow on the ground, but that rarely keeps a rower away from a good party. The best thing I could come up with was to be a Pregnant Nun. I think it looked more like I had a bib on...

What's with the hats?

Perhaps the funniest picture I have taken. Way to go Dude!

3 and 4 seat forever!

Um, Cedar and a bunch on Novice women, yea...

Will's looking perky as always (the one in the dress).

Kat and what Kat calls "The bloody Q-Tip"

Whoa. No comment.

Theo's lookin good!

Can you find Richard Simmons in this picture?

Who is about to make out with who here?

Rude-dog. See him when he's actually rowing!

This guy... "VodKow"?

God Bless McGuckin Hardware! With a couple of valves and some sort of a bladder, this kid had Vodka and OJ coming out of those Utters. You get my vote for best costume.

Um, yea.

Party on Wayne!

Lara and Alex looking especially good!

Never set your camera down. Funny pictures show up.

Cedar, the man of the house (on the left).

Max-a-million and Erin. What hotties.

They say this cat Shaft is a bad mother
I'm talkin' 'bout Shaft.

Too much tequila.

Did I mention I dyed my hair red?

Those are the Happy "We have practice in six hours" faces!

What! We weren't doing anything! Nothing!

A shot from the balcony.

The shaft thing just comes screaming back.

Party on Garth.

It needed its' picture taken.

Who put that hole there?

Who is that?

Me and Erin.

Twas a fantastic night. The morning came way too soon. Especially with all the freakin snow! It's only October! What the heck is this?