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Sacramento 04: 

Checkout our coxswain and listen to him scream at us. I highly recommend listening to the WIRA Champ race.

Tons of pictures. Thanks to Tom Ryerson for the awesome high-res photos. Take a look at an example:

Example picture taken originally at 3072x2048 (6.29 megapixel) Scaled down to 21% of its original size so that you can actually see it on the screen. Click here to see the full picture.

Same picture, cropped, not scaled down. Can you see Lee screaming? Nice camera Tom, but don't you think you could have gone a little higher resolution? I want to see the beads of sweat on Lee's forehead.

I highly recommend getting a copy of the 'picture cd' from Tom - these pictures had to be butchered to get them on a website.

All the pictures are in no particular order. I didn't take them, but I get to put captions on them!

Sally and Hally - the money pair.

Dolf and I took the pair out one day for a nice paddle. We ended up flipping it twice. S&H make it look easy.

Varsity Women's 4

Varsity Women's 4. From the left: Tonya, Diana, Emily, Jen, and Aaron

Men's Novice 8

Bringing in the Dow into First place in Petite finals (7th overall)

Men's varsity Teams

The Men's varsity B boat going out.

Here's Claire, the Men's Varsity B boat coxswain. She's actually the women's team coxswain, but we like to borrow her for races whenever we can. She's a money coxswain! (ie, C-money).

Here's the Germ and Wes taking out the Kilimanjaro

C-money, Sinke, Birkhead, Brian, Christian, Max, Grant, the Germ, and Wes

The Men's boat coming back in!


Men's Varsity 8

Here's Morhman, Louie, and Nate suiting up in the Men's varsity 8 A boat

Here's the A boat coming down in Petite Finals (racing for 7-12th place)

We had an amazing final race of the season. We started the race in third place and finished in 1st. You've got to hear Lee call this race. It still gives me chills just think about it.

Here we are, something like 7 strokes from the finish line and the eventual stroke seat vomitation.

Men's Varsity 8 with proud coaches Marcus "Beefeater" Jones and Tom "My camera is cooler than yours" Ryerson

From the left: Dr. Jones, Alex Berlin, Rudy Ryback, Chris Kelly, Todd Fredman, Lee Kramer (hoisted cox), Jeff Fasen, Jeff Morhman, Louie Savage, Nate Seidle, Dr. Ryerson.

Random Pictures

Hanging out between races

Wes and Lee and the rest of the pack.

The weather was fabulous!

Lee and Janelle

Ahh Tom. Taking pictures of the local fauna and wildlife

Ahh Tom. Taking pictures of the local fauna and wildlife - 2

Here's a picture of the announcer guy that stands out on the ridge up above the course. He hangs out all day, by himself, calling the races via a wireless PA system.

Tetris - the official Colorado Crew game. Rumored to be used to break seat-race ties.

Taking the shitter to the start line for the officials and boat holders.


Sacramento has always been a beautiful race, this year was no different.

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