San Diego-04
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San Diego 04: 

As always, thanks to Tom Ryerson for the awesome high-res photos.

The Men's varsity 8 A-boat went to the San Diego crew classic. This was our first race after schooling Texas down in Austin after spring break.

 Our first race was on Saturday Morning at 7:30am.

Here's the boat and Lee in his apron. I forget why all the coxswains had them, I think it had to do something with the lane assignments but I never found out.



Our first real spring race and we owned the course for the first 1500m. Out of the blue, UC Irvine past us with a fantastic sprint at the end of the race. We finished 2nd by a hair and made it into the Grand Finals on Sunday.


Coming off the water

Titled simply : Aviators

Bringing down oars for the Grand Finals

The race is on. Colorado is in lane 6 - the worst possible lane assignment.

It looks like we're still in contention!

Not really.

It was a sweet race and a excellent weekend. We headed out to the beach after our race first race on Saturday.

Dr. Jones walking towards the Pacific.

Rudy phoning home

The pier

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