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It was only a matter of time parking up on 'the hill' in Boulder before my beloved Ducati got nicked. Nicked, however, is an insurance understatement.

I come outside to throw the kitchen trash into the dumpster and look up to find two middle-aged women standing over my (horizontal) bike with a cell phone in hand.

The following scene photos literally give me the shudders.

I have been parking my motorcycle in what I thought was a very visible parking spot for about a month and a half now. Unfortunately for all parties involved, it got backed into. Two nice ladies failed to see my motorcycle parked behind their RAV-4, popped in the clutch, and rolled back for some reason (there is an open driveway in front of their spot).

Luckily the ladies stayed at the scene. A college student probably would have taken off.

Notice the distance between my bike and their bumper. Quite a roll backwards.

A bike should NEVER be on its side. I had to wait a painful 30 minutes for Boulder PD to arrive before I dared picking the bike up. The woman received a ticket for backing into a parked vehicle.

I hate this picture.

So after picking up the 400+ lbs. bike, the damage was assessed. The nice ladies did not think the damage would be too expensive. Let's just take a look at what parts are like for a 2001 Ducati Super Sport 750cc.

All prices do not include tax, shipping, or labor to install.

Grips: $37.99 for the pair.

Left Mirror: $66 - not too bad.

Front and rear Blinker: $18.99 a piece. These break a lot. Not too expensive yet, right?

Fiber glass fairings (the 'plastic' on bikes) cannot be filled and painted they way cars are. Fairings most generally are replaced. And in this case, paint matching and decal work would actually exceed the cost of replacement.

Front left fairing: $547 Uh-oh...

Cracked Windshield: $185.99

Rear left fairing: $309

Front Upper left fairing (top white scratches): $223.99

This is cool. When the bike fell, the pipe got flexed against the curb and partially separated. I can fell exhaust out these holes and onto my leg.

Left Ferrachi Muffler: $781

Another shot of the pipe.

The kicker came when I asked how long it would take to get these parts. There is no answer. If the parts are in north America, 7-10 business days, usually. But if they have to be order from Ducati in Italy, 2-3 months.

Please watch out for bikes. Even parked ones. There are nervous owners out there everywhere loosing sleep. And I never want to pick another bike off the ground.