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Italian for Vroom:

2001 Ducati 750 SuperSport

So the Katana was great but, when someone asks you if you know anyone who wants to buy a Ducati the answer is always 'Yes, me.'

Working at Mike's Motorcycle, a gentleman came in need of replacing a rear tire (he lodged a screw in it). I got to do the tire change and got a close look at the bike. I fell madly in love and bought the bike the next day.

9/23/02: The day the music died, and the motorcycle got 'bumped' over.

Yea, it's red. Notice the Ferrachi carbon-fiber pipes. They look good and sound great!

750CC - just slightly larger than my old moto. It will suck the eyes through the back of your head.

Gotta love the Italians - who could make a gas tank look so good?

It's a 2 cylinder that actually gets better mileage than my Katana! Fluid driven brakes and clutch.  No fuel gauge (who cares?). Speedometer to 160 (mph). And a tachometer up to 14k with no red line - hmmm.

It handles like a dream to the point I laughed the when I got back on my old Katana.

Like the License plate? You have no idea how many people don't get it.