New Years 03
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New Years 02-03 

Wow. It's May and I am just now getting to these pictures. How crazy this semester has been!

If you are not familiar with the East coast (like me!) things can be odd.

North Carolina was our first stop.

My friend Kat and I spent New Years day in New York. It was really rainy and windy, but it was still amazing to see how dense a city it was.

The food in NY is great! The best pizza and beer I have ever tasted! One of the many great sites was China Town where we shopped at an import shop - very fun stuff! I bought a Japanese Sake Set and some green tea. My dad seems to love the stuff!

You know what I just realized? It was really stinky wet.

It's been way too long since I took these. This is - down town. Sure.

Big buildings.

I think this is the Rockefeller center. Popular place with the ice rink and big Xmas tree.

BIG tree.

Hangin out outside a really cool church. No pictures allowed.

They were having Mass inside. It was an amazing old church.

The stock exchange! It was very eerie. Lots of fenced off portions and security.

More outside the stock exchange.

A very cool Xmas light display.

Guess! From the Empire State Building. Looking out to the bay.

Who knew the wind blows at like 50 mph up here? It was so cold.

Buildings. Big buildings. It's funny. By themselves, they don't look that big. But just one building in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma would be huge! (It's a joke)

Who has played SimCity? Look familiar?

It was actually an arcade game. I died.

This is on the flight deck of the USS Kennedy? I forgot. It was a really cool display of all the old naval technology.

Yea Flight Deck!

We also got to take a tour of a submarine. Very cozy.


Plenty of room for coffee and an old biscuit.

So many things to touch! So little time.

Bombs. Big bombs. Go boom.

Ahh. Nothing like $10mil US to make a large falic symbol.