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Fishy Fishy -

Now this was a tour worth paying for. I think we saw two other people (not working) in the museum. It really slows down in the winter. I would really like to see what this beach town is like in the summer!

Otters - Just missed them!

Giant reptiles of immense proportions.

Cocodrillo (in Spanish)

Ehh - I think these are Sea Horses. Yea, let's go with sea horses.

This Manta Ray was nearly translucent!


Ok, this was really cool. Remember, I've never been around sea life. I grew up in Oklahoma.

You reach in and touch the fish! This giant pool had 9 or 10 manta rays with their stingers removed (or so they told me).

How exactly do you remove a stinger?

It was like touching a slimy piece of stone - but slightly warmer.

Here is Talmage playing 'Here Fishy'

Dim lighting is not kind to cameras.

But you get the idea.

What got me is that we where on an Island. Shouldn't aquariums be built in places like Kansas? Where there is no water??



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