Fishing -

After seeing all those fish - I was convinced we could catch some. But what would we do with a fish once we caught it? Ok, so I am not a fisherman either...

You can tell we came prepared to fish.

We actually did try to fish. It was just that NOTHING was biting. I know we aren't fisherman, but there was plenty fishy looking guys doing just that down the dyke from us.

At least it wasn't raining (see NY)

'Sittin on the Dock of the Bay' - sort of.

Such nice sun sets.

I think this might have been the ferry dock before they put up the bridge in the background.

That's actually me. Yep. King of the world.

The sunset would be so much nicer if only my head wasn't there.

After we got bored with fishing, we decided to explore the little inlet a bit. These are some pictures I took of the huge beach that is exposed this time of year when the water level is down

If only I could take pictures in 3-D.

It was a big beach.

Anyone know what this is? Yep - something to climb on!

I wonder. Is anyone missing this thing? See the solar cell?

Kat and her bro Talmage

Kat and her boy Nate

Steps in the sand.

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