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Wine and Fish: 

Following Ben Mathey's recommendation, Kat and I ventured down the coast to the aquarium outside Monterey Bay. It was a really cool aquarium - but I am pretty sure we had just as much fun stomping around the shore.

Another day we ventured up to Napa Valley. Now this was cool! Wine tastings, Vineyards, and awesome bread and cheese. It's the good things in life!

This is the view through the archway at the Mondavi vineyard.

Either they make some money at this vineyard thing, or Mondavi just like nice things. These vineyards were absolutely fantastic!

Mmmm. Future merlots!

Vines literally in every nook and cranny.

This is a fun shot. From left to right:

Half-Bottle (375ml), Bottle (750ml), Magnum (1.5L), Double Magnum (my friend, the 3liter bottle), Imperial or Methuselah (6L), and lastly the Salmanazar or 'Big Boy' (9L).

The road down to the Buena Vista winery

Here is Kat on the coast near Monterey Bay

A wonderful shot of the coast - I truly enjoyed the ocean!

Playing with the local wildlife

Out to the Pacific

A beach front restaurant and hotel.

Gotta love macro mode

Here is Kat cooking in her apartment later that night. Not much for size, it was a nice place!

That, and I was trying to get my new Stikfas in the picture. I love these things!

The Stikfas Alpha Male. It's basically a big kids' action figure.

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