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Real Boats: 

I know what a $26,000 racing shell feels like - I sit in one 6 days a week. But to watch so many yachts (~$200k) toot around the bay was a surreal experience.

This is a house facing the bay - like 100 feet across the street from the bay. A really nice place.

Call me crazy - but remember I'm from the middle of no where. I think I stood and watched these yatchs come in and out of the bay for a good 30 minutes. Simply amazing that people have enough money to do this for fun! Who are these guys?

It seemed like a crew was about 6 people. So if you did have one of these $200k boats, you had to hire people to help you 'fun' sail it!

And there was more than a few of them!

Neat sail.

Who does that? How often do you fall in?! It must happen sometime!

Count em - three boats.

Getting closer. I swear I heard something. These guys just dodge in and out of each other like child's play.

Me and da bridge.


There was a wedding party having their pictures taken. Looked like quite a large wedding!

Tri-level homes and no lawns. And I thought they were just figments of the movies.

A barge headed out to sea

Guess where?

The cliffs just west of San Francisco

Couldn't resist one more.

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