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Free Day: 

Because Kat had to work (imagine that), I had Saturday all to myself! I started out in downtown San Francisco and made my way around the town. I spent a couple hours walking down the piers, a few hours around the bay, and a few driving down the coast new the Golden Gate Bridge. It was a wonderfully peaceful adventure. Lots o' pictures.

A shot of the city from the pier

A standard San Francisco neighborhood

Big fancy boats. I wonder how they lock ladders? How do they keep people from climbing on board?

Lots o' boats

This was outside pier 31 I think. Doesn't really matter. There was a ton of people everywhere.

How odd to see boats daintily sailing past such a place as Alcatraz.

Here are some street characters...

Who like to pose for pictures with unsuspecting tourists.

As well as some very docile dogs.

The guy in the big dog suit arranges the dogs around the people, shoots a Polaroid, and sells you the photo. Tough way to make a living. But wait...

Live art? I think it's called. This guy had to have been there for hours at a time. It was not cool by any means either. He played a futuristic robot with the self-created sounds...

And the silver contacts to match! A big hit with the kids running around.

Really good music

More really good music

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