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Freezing in Rocky Mountain National Park - Again... 

Kat's brother flew out from Philly for a long weekend. She wanted to show him around Boulder and around the mountains. Too bad this was in April when spring had not yet sprung, and the snow was still prevalent above 7,000ft.

Here is Kat and her bro - Talmage - hanging outside the tent. It was a bit chilly.

Ok, it was down right cold.

But the sun was out, and the scenery was nice.

My 1st choice for a campsite. I got over-ruled.

We decided to go for a hike after breakfast. We started near the Fern Lake trail head. The road to the trailhead was still closed for the season so we walked in. Along the way, Talmage and I decided to veer off into the bushes for so exploring.

That would be a big dead beast of some sort. Not too surprising since the winter snow was receding, exposing the animals that did not make it through the winter.


But then we found these near by.

This must be the stupidest picture I have ever taken. We should have gotten the f@#$ out of there. I wear a size 12 shoe, and those don't look like cat prints. This was bear country. About 4 months later two campers were pulled from their tents in a bear attack up in the Fern Lake campsite. The same place I had another idiotic camping moment... Jeesh.

Female and her mate on along side the road...

Kat was tired and decided to head back to the car. Talmage and I wanted to hike to 'The Pool' so we started along the Fern Lake path. This is a small water fall barely seen from the path.

A beautiful ice bush formed from the freezing fall.

Made it to the pool! The picture on the left was taken in the Spring of '03 with Talmage. The picture on the right was taken mid-summer of '03. I'd say the water was up a bit!

Beautiful wintery day

Coming back through the rock piles near The Pool.

It was another memorable hike. This hike drove me to camp at Fern Lake later that summer. It was memorable for other reasons...