Random Pics
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Monday From Hell

More Chaos:

Poking through the archives over Thanksgiving produced some pictures I believe I have missed! Here they are.

A scary view into the mind of a web designer. Not really. Just a bunch of pictures I was too lazy to file correctly.

A Seidle family Thanksgiving

Carlos - my super cat.


I was sitting is his favorite chair, therefore, I became his favorite seat.


The fearless hunter.

Me and Josh at Keystone. The snowboarding was amazing right before I bit it hard, got a mild concussion, and dislocated and tore up my shoulder. Whew!

Why is this a common site?

Since you asked, it is a circuit to charge Ni-MH batteries. And at this point in time, the batteries where being quickly drained across an 8ohm power resistor. A muffin fan is also attached to the batteries in parallel. The muffin fan cools the resistor and helps drain the batteries.


It's cool to a EE (Electrical Engineering) geek.

The beautiful Dow resident outside Boston, Mass.

I had no idea that New England really looked like this!

The Duck (Duck #2). Just ask my brother.

Kat and I attempting to ride a tandem. It turned out very well!

Yes, that is a basement window well filled with water. Flash floods in Denver, summer of 2001.

And it kept filling.

So what do you do?

Start bailing.