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Tooting around Tulsa: 

After the afternoon engagement party and following night wedding, we decided to take it easy on Sunday and hang around the old part of Tulsa. We headed to the Philbrook museum and stomped around. I've probably been to this museum 4-5 times growing up in Oklahoma, but I barely remember it. It was a lot of fun to look at the tremendous collection of artwork and architecture.

I think it was an old house that was converted at some point. Yep - says it was owned by the oil baron Waite Phillips and given to the city of Tulsa in 1938... Hmm.

There was supposedly a bodacious storm on Wednesday the 2nd of June. I flew in on the 4th with stop lights and many businesses still without power.

This really old tree got blown down by the 80+mph winds from the storm. I commented to the man in the picture what a sound it must have made when it came down. He responded tongue-in-cheek "if anyone was around to hear it."

So cool!

This is 180 degrees from the previous picture. Akbar and Tracie were calculating if they could afford to have their wedding here. I'm pretty sure it was a 'no'.

I think I was standing funny when I shot the picture - seems a little tilted to the right. Then again, maybe it is sinking...

I can't imagine actually living here. Hide and go seek would be exhausting.

Here's Wendy and her boyfriend Kevin.

They helped me survive the engagement party the day before.

A super-red cardinal keep an eye out for unruly museum goers.

Later that day we headed down to the Arkansas river and had lunch at an outdoor cafe. It was a great time with a couple beers, a live band, and my chess set!

The following day I got to stomp around near Utica square and Cherry street in down town-ish Tulsa. In a complete coincidence I ran into one of the places my parents took me to all the time growing up. Peace of Mind bookstore is this Alternative/Buddist/Heretical (according to the Christians in Tulsa) book store that sold everything from How-To books to herbs and incense. A neat little pocket in the Tulsa culture.

Some beautiful old trees near cherry street. Absolutely huge - they nearly connect at top creating a type of tunnel.

It was a great trip! I got to catch-up with a ton of old high school friends. No one has really changed! We're all just as we were when we got out of high school, but now we're getting married and doing the same crazy things we always did.

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