Free Desk
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Cheap but not Free: 

After taking up that circuit stuff, I was strapped for space. I really needed another desk but didn't want to spend the money.

Suddenly, a desk appears on the corner of my street. Looks innocent enough with its pan burn marks and bits of solder on top. Perfect project desk.

 This sounded like a great idea to begin with...

Little did I know the pain I was in for.

There really is wood under there.

I think I counted 5 separate colors including Kermit green.

Thank you Katie Powers (my roomate) for the 'sexy glove' shot.

After 15 minutes under stripper and scrapping. Looks like modern art. See the green?

In the end (three cans of stripper later and a new metal scrapper), it turned out very well. Defiantly not an heir loom piece - but who cares? I use it to solder nuclear triggers together.