Pride Fest
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A day to remember in down town Denver - 

I had never even heard of Pride Fest until my friend Megan invited me to an IHOP at 7am on a Sunday. "You know that's the day after Saturday night, right?"

From IHOP the gang jumped in their cars and drove to Denver for the Parade...

Oh yea, I might say something that would offend someone. Just, please, don't let it be you.

There is a whole side story of carrying $30 worth of IHOP take-out from 15th and Broadway to 11th and Cheeseman, but most people wouldn't under  the monstrosity of a walk that is. It was bad. But once we got there...

What is that?

That would be a guy with balloon breasts standing in front of a giant martini glass. Complete with flowing water. This is the float for QueerBar or

They have this really cool idea of getting a bunch of people together and basically invading a local bar - turning it instantaneously into a gay bar. No more problems trying to find a good bar to meet friends at - just check the website and find out where they will be that night. Insto - QueerBar.

There is the infamous IHOP food (white container). This is the float for the UCSU chapter of anarchy minded GLBTs. You guessed it, from Boulder. They were actually warned by one of the parade organizers before the parade to not say anything against Coors - the main sponsor of Pride Fest '03. Lots of pink.


The ring leader.

Miss Latino Colorado, 2003

More pink. Check out that bike.

I wonder how he got on. It actually has brakes!

No witty caption needed.

What the floats lack in complexity, they make up for with enthusiasm.

Two guys. Two cheerleader outfits. Two asses that read "HO".

Really good music - all types.

That's a dude, dude. For about 15 seconds while the car passed, I was completely excited that this parade had swimsuit models - this was amazing. My eyes deceived me, until Efrain, my friend standing next to me commented about how nice his swimsuit was.

Now here's a float! See the driver?

Mrs. Peacock.

PFLAG - Parent's and Friends of Lesbians and Gays.

On a side note, they got the most applause by far.

This was walking down the parade route back into the main festival area. Wow!

This is my friend KC's arm. And THAT is what I call an advertisement. She says she didn't realize what the tattoo was until she got it. I think otherwise.

Everyone was dressed to kill. This was a group of five men dressed as flowers. Unfortunately the camera didn't kick on until after they were walking past.

The rat pack, from the left: Chris, Efrain, Megan, ?, ?, KC.

Now that is a head dress.

People must prepare all year for a costume like that!


And that was Pride Fest! I barely took enough pictures to scratch the surface. It is really an event you have to experience for yourself. The weather was beautiful, the people watching was amazing, and Megan (my sweetie) was kind enough to drag "Straight Nate" along for the day.