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The Great White Hike - II 

Much like my father's and I's attempt at Mt. Shavano.

I got invited by some crew friends of mine to ascend Gray's Peak and Torrey's Peak. When? Sunday morning at 5:30am (Sunday, the day that falls directly after Saturday night). Where? Just east of Loveland.

For more info on the mountains.

Here is a panoramic that Pete put together from his film pictures:

This is the small one. Click here for the big one.

There's Wes Cables on the left and Heffe (Jeff) Morhman on the right. We hit the trail head in good time - around 8am.

I think that's Jeff taking a picture of me taking a picture of Jeff. Go figure.

It was a really nice easy valley to start from.

We very quickly starting ascending up past the tree line. Jeff brought his GPS along which made for some fun numbers. Mostly we wanted to know our altitude so that we knew how much farther we had to go up.

A highly recommended hike!

Super Heffe

L-R: Peter Stoddard, Nate Seidle, Wes Cables, Jeff Morhman

It turned out to be a quick climb. I think we made it to the top of the first peak under two hours. A nice lady named Lisa (Univ. of Denver student) was nice enough to take our picture. Wes was crazy enough to ask for her email address.

Off into the distance. I think Breckenridge is in there somewhere.

Above the clouds!

As with most ascents - you sweat like crazy climbing to the top, wanting only to rest. Just to freeze when you get to the windy peak and want only to keep moving.

This is a picture from the saddle between peaks - looking up at the first peak we climbed (Grey's). It was a long rocky downward walk.

I think maybe there was a furry animal there somewhere. I can't find it now.

Time for lunch!


I took this picture of the clouds rolling up the back side of the ridge. They were moving so quickly...

Here you can see the criss-cross paths of the many routes to the top of the two peaks.

Oddly enough, a few moments later those clouds quickly swarmed the Grey's peak.

That would be the people standing on top of Grey's. Time to get the heck out of there.

See the black dot?

That would be a helicopter coming in very low.

This is a pic of Torrey's peak on the way back down. It was a much steeper climb after the saddle. Very rocky, but an exceptional view from the top!

It was a tremendous hike! I thank Wes and Jeff for inviting me. I cursed their names and their first born when I woke up the next morning for the 1st crew practice! - but I will never forget Torrey's and Grey's.