Tracie and Akbar Get Engaged
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An excuse to party: 

Akbar and his super cool girlfriend Tracie decided to get engaged. So what now? Have an engagement party of course. Muslims know how to party. Good food, big tents. Too bad it was hot and muggy Oklahoma in June.

I apologize for the picture quality. I had the camera settings tweaked a little too high.

The snap happy Father of Akbar - Ali taking pictures.

Let the games begin.

Akbar and Traci with Tracie's Dad Michael and Step-Mom Tracey and Akbar's parents.

Tracie's parents

Ali, Tracie, Akbar, and Sheryl

The Siddiqui's backyard pond. Four houses back into a pond they all own cooperatively. Nice place!

Mr. Stud Muffin himself.

Tracie and the Siddiqui brothers.

Akbar and Nate Seidle

Abkar, Tracie, Kulsum, and Jamal (who are also engaged!)

Jamal was spreading the mulch in the flowers about 30 minutes before this picture was taken.

A&T with Akbar's Aunt Wendy and Kevin. Kevin is an EMT/Fire fighter in Boston. Really fun couple to hang out with. He had more fun stories about growing up in Boston.

T&A with Tracie's family

T&A with Akbar's family (and Rasheed)

The soon-to-be Siddiqui Family

Only Rasheed can clean the pool and look good doing it

Nice house!

The entire gang including Anwar(?) - Akbar's uncle from Saudi Arabia.

Akbar has a way with women... This is Zuzu, a daughter of a friend of the family. She was the coolest 3-year-old I've hung out.


The engagement party was 200+ people! The wedding scheduled for next summer is rumored to be an American ceremony followed by an Indian ceremony/dinner on the following day. I can't wait to see how this all goes down. If I ever get married, remind me elope....

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