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Confluence 101: 

Remember learning about longitude and latitude in school so many years ago? is a massive project to document with pictures the intersections of major longitude and latitudes - called confluence points. There were two of these intersections left in the state of Colorado. Now there is only one. (Why does that sound like a bad movie line?)

38 North 105 West

The point we were aiming for was west of Pueblo about 15 miles. Being denverites - my father and I and several others drove down early and had breakfast at La Fiesta on W Northern Ave just west of I-25. I highly recommend it. Good hiking food.

Ahh Colorado. You can't go wrong.

San Isabel National Forest.

Trees! Who would have thunk it?

The hiking party consisted of 8 people. My father and Myself. The leader Ben Manthey and his girlfriend Michelle. Ben's worker friends Mike and Xiaoling. And Ben's worker friend Dana and her husband Rik.

It was a truly beautiful day.

That's the man (my dad) and Ben out in front. These two kept up a quick pace.

God bless the Boy Scouts of America. This was an amazing feat of engineering (and serious delusion). 40 feet in either direction the stream could be crossed by bolder hoping! But it was still a very cool bridge.

The hike in was about 2 hours. Ben and Mike eventually scurried down a 150 ft. cliff to try to find the exact confluence point. Because my father and I did not have GPS (and didn't really feel like cheating death) we were forced to stay behind. They eventually came within the required 100ft. Read all about it soon on the website. All and all - a very good, exciting hike.