Conner Wedding
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James and Melinda Conner: 

My buddy James tied the knot with his girlfriend Mindy. I've known James since we met in kindergarten roughly 14 years ago (!). He met Mindy when he was 15 (yea, seven years ago) and Mindy was a year ahead of us in high school. He's exactly the same but now he has a clone - his little brother Shawn. Not so little any more, Shawn has now graduated high school and is going to tour Europe for the next three weeks. No such luck for me...

So it was a Muslim engagement party followed by a Catholic wedding - tons of fun to be had. I spent a good 10 hours in a damned tie.

Here's James, Shawn, James' step brother, my buddy Kyle from high school (he looks happy, no?), and another step-brother (sorry guys, I don't know any names).

St. Bernard's Catholic church in Tulsa. Nice, quaint place to have a wedding.

The whole troop with Mr. Conner front and center on picture patrol.

Mindy's maiden people - what are they called again? Maidens?

James and Mindy Conner. Can you see James' clone? That's Shawn!

It was a great ceremony! I really enjoyed it.

The new Conners and the old Conners. James' grand parents? I dunno.

James and Mindy weren't accustom to having 200 people in their house like Akbar, so they had it at the Adam's Mark Hotel.

Me and the new couple. How cool!

Another helpless child we pulled into the picture. I think James said it was his cousin. I don't think Mindy knows either.

There's Derek Potts. We were trying to flash each other to death...

Kyle telling (acting out) yet another childhood story to Crystal-Lee (Derek's girlfriend from Austin, TX).

Me and my free beer.

Kyle letting loose.

It was a great wedding - ran extremely smoothly! I was greatly impressed by the whole thing. I'm still skipping town when I get married! But if I were to stick around, I'd want a shin-ding like James' and Mindy had it.

Over to Akbar and Tracie's engagement party