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Flying and Cars:

I was finally able to get out and fly my glider a bit. The weather was decent and the wind was good. Susan and her boyfriend Lance came out to watch some action and to play with Lance's new toy. Their dog just loves the Mini-Monster.

Blessed be the Glider. Not only did I crash it into numerous bushes and gravel - I flew it into a telephone pole, slammed it into the two lane highway, and impaled it on the barbed wire fence. Any side effects? Nothing that a little strapping tape wouldn't fix!

These gliders are big pieces of specialty cut Styrofoam (airfoil) with some electronics (servos, battery, reciever) all wrapped in strapping tape and nice looking 5 mil. poly tape.

Peter has one of the original Zagi's LE models. He also has one hell of a radio. Sooo many knobs and switches to play with.

Out at the slope just south of Bolder.

A fine day indeed. (Pete and Susan)

Susan's dog! I really like this type of dog. A small Japanese breed - look like a fox with a bushy tail. I forget the breed and even the dog's name. I should have put this page together quicker.

Kind of a lunatic dog tho.

When the wind started to die down, Lance pulled out his new Mini-Monster car!

The full inspection.

You wouldn't believe the suspension on this thing.

Lance claimed it could hit about 30 mph. I don't doubt it. This thing could hawl.

And for good reason!

We didn't scare the dog too much. Mostly it was the noise - like a really pissed of hive of bees.

Flying gliders and chasing dogs. Who could ask for more from a Saturday afternoon?