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Party like your wedding is tomorrow: 

After the rehearsal, the Wards were nice enough to throw a fun party and the Alexander's house. This is how it worked:

Tonya Ward Sr. (Tonya's mom) works for Mr. and Mrs. Alexander. The Alexander's have a wonderful house in way north Edmond, outside of Oklahoma City - and were nice enough to let us use it for the night. Big back porch, plenty of room for people. Everyone who could make it was invited. The food was catered by Vince's brother Joe - excellent food! Joe runs a restaurant called 'Just Fresh' located just north of the state capitol on Broadway. I highly recommend the fried catfish and sweet potato pie.

The back porch. It was amazing.

Pool and hot tub complete with a scriptive 'A' on the bottom.

Chris plays DJ.

Mr. Ward and I waiting for the fire to start. It was pretty chilly for a night in Oklahoma.

Terrell, Caleb, and Chris.

The gang arrives! These are all friends from highschool (Oklahoma School of Science and Math where Scotty and Tonya met) or from WashU (where Tonya is finishing up her bachelors degree).

It was cold.

That's Mr. Alexander. And that's a giant bottle of lighter fluid in his hand. Welcome to Oklahoma!

It was a most excellent fire. Thanks Mr. A!


Charles, Chandler, and Jimmy - OSSM Class of 2000.

Chicka, chicka, bow wow.

Tonya's friends from St. Louis.

Vince and Laticia.

Vince and Tonya. Having two Tonya's (mother and daughter) complicated things to no ends.

Me opening my gifts from Scotty and Tonya. I had no idea what it meant to be 'Best Man' at a wedding... We get gifts!

It was gifts all around actually.

Did I mention Scotty was a little camera happy?

Finally somone stole the camera from him.

But not for long enough.


Terrell and Tonya gettin crazy.

Tonya and her cousin from LA.

But where is her hand?

A few of the Ward family.

More of the fam.

He's enjoying that way too much...

Scotty Lynn Murphy and Tonya Michelle Ward - The Bride and Groom to be...

The bad news is that because we took so many pictures the night before the wedding - there was only batteries left for a few pictures of the actual wedding!