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Wedding Rehearsal: 

Gotta go through the motions. I brought the camera along and it changed hands a few times. It was nice to get pictures from a different point of view. Unfortunately, Scotty rather enjoyed being behind the camera instead of in front of it. 129 pictures later, we had to cut him off.

This is Sarah the Opera singer from UCO and her father the sound guy. She is a phenomenal singer!

This is Deepti, her fiancÚ Tim, her father, and I waiting outfront.

Terrell (Tonya's brother) and Kayleb (Terrell's son)

Rachel the wedding planner and the Preacher discussing the setup.

Me and my Compaq TC1000 hard at work. It dices. It slices. It even has Wifi!

Tonya showing up right on time - 30 minutes late - with two of her maids of honor, Jimmy and Chandler.

The catwalk in the botanical gardens.

That's Vince's back (Tonya's dad) and the gang.

Sarah looking happy to be there!

The rest of the Maids of honor.

Practicing 'the walk'

Laticia (Kahlab's mother and the Maid of honor) and the village idiot.

Chris (Tonya's brother) strutting his stuff with Chandler and Deepti.

Terrell - enjoying himself way too much.

That's cleavage - I mean Tonya - the bride to be.

Here are the groomsmen - Chris, Nate, and Terrell.

Playing to the camera.

The ring bearer and flower girls.

That's Vince and Tonya - the 'bride to be's mom and dad.

That was pretty much it. I think it was more of an exercise in logistics (were to fit 96 chairs) rather than any real info for us groomsmen. No biggie - the party after the reception was worth waiting for.