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Wedding Rehearsal: 

Gotta go through the motions. I brought the camera along and it changed hands a few times. It was nice to get pictures from a different point of view. Unfortunately, Scotty rather enjoyed being behind the camera instead of in front of it. 129 pictures later, we had to cut him off.

Tonya and Scotty decided to get married at the Botanical Gardens in down town Oklahoma City. I had never seen the place. Seems like it was a great project from the 60s and 70s that had just enough funding over the years to keep running.

The Place

Whew! Fountains

The lawn and outside foliage where kept pretty nice. The waters around the gardens were a bit mossy and over grown.

One of the many feng-sheuid stair cases

This is a picture of the south entrance. You cannot actually see the door in this picture - this building is way too cool.

Fun with Photography

Playing with the ducks

It may look odd from the outside, but just wait...

Sun bathing in the late sun

Admittedly the people on the left were feeding the birds

But that's a lot of birds

1968 senior project or just a tube building? It was actually built in 1987. Which may tell you something about how styles diffuse across a geographical area. New stuff takes awhile to get to Oklahoma.


In loving memory of Sylvia Brechaud Mason. Don't have a clue who you are but you must have been a very nice person.

This is the outdoor stage. Behind the stage is the pedestrian cross-walk - but it's only on the top. The lower level is completely closed off for reason non-obvious to me...

Old man and the pond

If it was an experimental design project, I hope they got a A. This area grew on me quite a bit. It had a certain feeling to it that was both slightly run down, but with a warm dedication deep underneath. It was a really awesome place to have a wedding.

That's just the outside. Checkout the rehearsal inside.