T&S Wedding
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Big Day

The Murphy-Ward Wedding: 

Scotty was my best bud from highschool. We met sitting in the back of chemistry class the first day at OSSM. It was a wild ride those two years. Later our Junior year (fall of '98) - Scotty met Tonya - a fellow classmate and a good friend of mine. They started dating and have been talking about marriage ever since.

Well here it is. Two years in the planning - I finally had to suck it up and drive down to Okc for the weekend. 11 hours from Boulder and a $120 speeding ticket later (watch out for Wakeeney, KS) I made it to my best friends' wedding. Boy was it a weekend to remember.

Outside the Myriad Gardens, OKC

Inside at the rehearsal

Pre-Party time!

The big day

Mr. and Mrs. Scotty Murphy

may you enjoy each other's company for many years to come...