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Knot Time: 

So the day finally came. Scotty and I had been running errands all day. 140 lbs. of ice for the reception. Tux adjustments. Table cloth pick-up. Champagne toast arrangements. Around 5pm (an hour before we were supposed to be at the Gardens for pictures) we drove to Terrell's house to change into our Tuxedos. But there was no Terrell - just an empty house.

A quick call to Vince confirmed that Terrell was actually already at the Gardens and no where near his house. Great! With 45 minutes and counting to get to the Gardens, we had to find a place to change into our Tuxes. A few blocks down the street was St. Anthony's hospital. A quick 20 minute stop in the lobby restroom - Scotty shaved, while I changed. I am fairly confident the two people that came into the bathroom didn't expect to see two guys changing into Tuxes. I wonder what they must have thought... Unfortunately, no pictures (no time!). But it was a surprisingly nice public restroom - and it made one heck of a story for the Murphy grandkids.

Scotty, the man, Murphy

Me, attempting to take macro pic of my own hand. Not the wisest idea. But at least you can't see the blisters from rowing.

All decked out

Even Caleb had a tux!

The two flower girls - so cute on camera, all hell broke loose when they were supposed to walk the isle during the ceremony.

Terrell and Deepti.


The string quartet to accompany Sarah, the Opera singer. Very cool.

Chandler caught on tape

Testing out the chair arrangement

Mr. Smooth

Mr. Fuzzy

That's Aaron the camera guy. He was the 'filmographer'. I had no idea there was such a thing. I can't wait to see the wedding video. Actually no, I can wait.

I think this is Terrell taking shots of his brother Chris. When you loan your camera out...

You never know what might show up. This is the other filmographer. I'm thinkin Terrel was behind this one.

The bride in all her beauty.

And the lucky man


So innocent

So Tonya

The Bride's Maids with Ryan ('01) and Elaine ('00) - currently engaged themselves.

And that was it. The batteries gave out. I tried to get some pics of the actual ceremony (thanks for trying Jennifer!) but to no avail. I guess we will just have to wait for the pics to come back of the ceremony and the reception from the real photographer.

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