OSSM Friends
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OSSM - The Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics:

Ehh. Me with hair.

It is where I spent the last two years of high school. The time when one is usually partying and trying new things. Taking it easy. OSSM was the opposite of this. We lived in dorms, checked in twice a day, had lights out, bars on the windows, and a 30% drop out rate. Fun stuff! The only thing that got me through it all was the friends I made.


They know who they are.

These are the guys who may sometime rule the world. The friends I made in Oklahoma City where the first people I had met that could stomp me at nearly every scholastic event I could think of. From Chemistry Olympiad (Luke!) to my arm-wrestling rival (Bill!) I had the joy of meeting some of the greatest minds in Oklahoma.

The ski trip to Monarch where I learned how to snowboard! It's Jenny Tony Jennifer Moe Charles James Elizabeth and Matt. I got a bad sun burn but man was it awesome! I haven't had fun like that in a long time.

Me doing my speech thing. I dunno how much they liked my speech but Jihan was gracious enough to tell me she enjoyed it. Surprisingly, her singular words meant the world to me.

My best friend jennifer! (Jenga! Jenga!)

There goes Scotty and Tonya. Star crossed lovers. Scotty my next door neighbor. Oh, the things we did at midnight. Nacho cheese and Clockwork Orange baby! Tonya the mad woman, the only one who could whip this Blanchard boy into shape.

Now here we have a good line-up of stars. On the left is my long-term roommate Nick. He was a good friend and a crazy student. Glenda - the fun we had in physics. Jared and Ryan DeSellier. My first roommates. Twins from Hugo. They where wired, but never failed to make me laugh. Schubert! (Brian), the one that never seemed like OSSM was tough on him. How'd you do that?

One of the few moments we were allowed outside. Prom! I gotta say, OSSM made this one memorable. They did it well and we had a blast!

Me and Michelle at prom. I got rid of the goatee, you don't have to tell me.

Bill and Amanda fooling around at the senior party. 

There's the ladies man himself (far right) - Punit!