Coors Field
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A Day at Coors Field:

Yea for free tickets from 'King Supers'! The local grocery store teamed up with the professional baseball team in Denver. Turns out they were having problems filling the stadium in the pre-season. If you've ever been to a pro-baseball game you know that it's not the tickets that are the problem, its the $5 coke, $6 beer, $5.25 hot dog, and $4 icee. So if you give away free tickets, suckers like me will come and buy your ridiculously priced food.

But who can resist a baseball style hotdog?

We all know the Colorado Rockies suck. But they've got a great field! And who really watches the game anyways?

It was a wonderful day! The sun was out and the Rockies were winning (for a moment.)

Me and Renée. She's a cutie. I met Renée a long time ago when we both rowed for the Univ. of Colorado. She's coming back to school in the fall, but I just can't seem to convince her to wake up before dawn row again.

Here they are playing or something.

You can see my rockies from here.

(Photo by Renée)

 We lost 6-3. I think I spent over $20 for parking and food. But hey, spring days like this are hard to come by. It was a Sunday to remember!