Lets Get Dirty
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Lets get dirty-

My sister has been playing rugby for next to six years now. Its about time we had some pictures, no?

Kids, don't try this at home. Heck, don't anybody try this anywhere.

That would be my sister running back to the fun after throwing in the ball.

Father John and brother Ben trying to stay warm on the sidelines.


Crazy lady

They have the lift jump down to an art.

We call him Guinness boy. My brother was the official cheering squad.

Getting ready...

Who does this?

Helmets are for whimps. (Rach is #2)

Scrum down!


I have seen a few of my sister's rugby games. They always astound me. And they always seem to be really cold.

More power to you Rach!

Have fun all you ruggers out there!